CJFE Merchandise

Buy a T-Shirt

Want to go public about your support for CJFE? Wear our witty T-shirt to make a statement and promote free expression. For $20*, you get a comfy fair trade product from American Apparel.

T-shirts are available in blue or yellow prints with the following statement:

"Feel free to express yourself... just not to me." - cjfe.org

Sizes available include women's and men’s Medium, Large and Extra Large.

A 10% discount is available for orders of 10 T-shirts or more.

To order or inquire, send us an e-mail. We accept credit cards, cheques and personal pick-ups at our office in Toronto.

*Postage and Shipping
Price excludes shipping. Postage and handling fees are $7 for one T-shirt mailed within Canada, and upwards of $12 for two or more T-shirts to the same address in Canada. Please contact us for international shipping and bulk orders.