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Canada's democracy is under threat!

Free expression and press freedom in Canada are facing bigger threats than ever. Journalists are unable to protect their confidential sources, and public interest stories aren’t being told. National security agencies have greater access to our private data than ever before, without any oversight to protect our rights. More and more journalists are spied on by police.


What is CJFE doing about it?

• Lobbying for Bill S-231, a bill to protect journalistic sources

• Intervening in court cases to protect journalists like Ben Makuch

• Supporting journalists under threat like Justin Brake and Patrick Lagace

• Consulting with the government on a better national security framework

• Challenging Bill C-51 in court

• Providing digital security training for journalists and activists

• Publishing in-depth analyses and reports in the Review of Free Expression

• Engaging Canadians in petitions, rallies and advocacy

• Meeting with MPs one-on-one to defend our rights

• Standing up against hate


CJFE is fighting back to protect the core elements of democracy, but we need your help.

What we need:

• $5,000 to support our lobbying efforts in Ottawa (travel, research, public campaigns)

• $5,000 to support education initiatives and digital security training

• $7,500 to support interventions in crucial court cases


A free society needs reliable and accurate journalism, public access to information, and protected privacy rights. Without these, we lack the information and space to participate in discussion, hold those in power accountable, and build the society we want to live in. Donate today to save democracy.

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A Letter from the Executive Director of CJFE

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The biggest threat to Democracy is not fake news. It isn’t the stroke of a censor's pen or CSIS or Bashar al-Assad or even Donald Trump.

It’s apathythe idea that our voices don’t matter.

There is a struggle being waged in the shadows, and its outcome is a threat to peace, civil society and the very soul of our democracy. You see it in the rising tide of hate across Canada, in the all-too-literal return of fascism in Europe, in the terrifying lack of action on climate change, in wealth inequality, in a horrifying migrant crisis that begs for empathy but has been undermined by racism and bigotry. 

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