Journalism Fellowship

Massey College at night.

CJFE and Scotiabank will not be holding a 2014/15 Fellowship at Massey College. The Fellowship will return for the 2015/16 session, so please check back for application details.

Launched in 2008, the Scotiabank/CJFE Fellowship is a two-semester fellowship held at Massey College, the Graduate Residential College in the University of Toronto. The Fellowship was formed through a generous grant from Scotiabank, and is coordinated by CJFE.

Run in tandem with the Canadian Journalism Fellowship Program, the Scotiabank/CJFE Fellowship commences in September, and runs until the close of the spring semester in April.

About the Fellowship

The Scotiabank/CJFE Fellow is expected to enroll in any graduate or undergraduate courses and is able to use the full facilities of the University. There are no educational prerequisites for a Fellowship; nor does the Fellow receive credits or degrees for work done during the year. Accommodation is provided by Massey College.

The objective of the Fellowship is to enhance inter-American understanding and promote dialogue through an exploration of current issues in journalism and free expression in the Americas in an academic setting.

2013/2014 Fellow: José Peralta, Uruguay

José Peralta is from Montevideo, Uruguay. During Uruguay’s economic crisis in 2002, he moved to Spain to continue his studies. In 2006, he was hired by Búsqueda, a widely read Uruguayan weekly magazine described as having a ‘liberal’ editorial policy. Peralta finished his undergraduate degree in 2010 at the University of the Republic in Montevideo. Since starting at Búsqueda, he has been awarded the opportunity to attend a series of programs such as ‘The Reach of Organized Crime and the Exercise of Journalism on Violent Contexts” at the University of Mexico (UNAM), along with a course in investigative journalism sponsored by the US State Department. Peralta’s work is concentrated in the areas of energy development, education and public enterprise.

Application Criteria

• Minimum 7 years’ experience and current employment as a journalist in Latin America or the Caribbean
• Two professional references, and signed endorsement from current employer
• Proficiency in English
• Confirmation of resuming employment upon completion of Fellowship

If you have any questions about the fellowship, please contact CJFE at