2010-2011 Review of Free Expression in Canada

Publication coverCJFE's second annual Review of Free Expression in Canada looks at the important free expression issues affecting Canadians. The report covers topics including Wikileaks, access to information, the G20 Summit violations, Hate speech and a special 30th Anniversary article about CJFE’s history.  You can also read CJFE’s report card for the government including grades from A- to F-.

Grab a PDF version here in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.



Read individual articles from the Review:

• CJFE's Report Card: Like Sheep to the Slaughter
• Still Looking for Answers: Hearings and Inquiries into the G20 Summit
• A Welcome to WikiLeaks
• Iceland: Free Speech Zone
• CJFE: 30 Years of Fighting for Free Expression
• CJFE's Freedom of Expression Index
• Whatcott v. Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
• How Access to Information Fails Journalists
• Canadian Journalists Abroad
• Cross-Canada Free Expression Reports
• Whistleblower Protection Still in Its Infancy in Canada

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