2011-2012 Review of Free Expression in Canada

Publication coverWednesday, May 2, 2012

Examining issues including privacy and anonymity on the Internet, cyber surveillance, whistleblowers, access to information, and collaborative journalism, CJFE's third annual Review of Free Expression in Canada provides an overview of issues facing Canadians from coast to coast.

You can also read CJFE's report card, which grades key free expression issues and major institutions.

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Individual Articles from the Review

• Report card on free expression in Canada: Connected disconnect

• Silenced scientists

• Delay, redact, refuse, repeat: The access to information runaround

• The rise and fall of freedom of information

• Is the Canadian government freezing out civil society?

• Links and Libel: Why hyperlinking is not publishing, and why it matters

• [Infographic] Cyber nation: The internet in Canada

• Anonymous in the internet age



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