2015-2016 Review of Free Expression in Canada


CJFE’s annual Review of Free Expression in Canada provides the only comprehensive and in-depth report on the state of free expression in the country over the past year. Featuring insightful articles, statistics and balanced analyses from leading experts in law, journalism, advocacy and academia, the Review keeps Canadians informed and evaluates government and institutions for their impact on freedom of expression.

The 2016 Review of Free Expression in Canada addresses the most pressing free expression issues, events and legislation. You will also find our signature Report Card and Cross-Canada Reports, and the third edition of our national poll of Canadian opinions and concerns about current free expression issues. After May 3rd, CJFE will be releasing new Review articles every month on a staggering basis through the year.

The 2016 Review of Free Expression in Canada is made possible through the generous support of the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), CWA | SCA Canada, The Globe and Mail and Transcontinental Printing.


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