2016-17 Review of Free Expression in Canada



Released annually on World Press Freedom Day (May 3), CJFE’s Review of Free Expression in Canada provides the only comprehensive report on the state of free expression in the country over the past year, and examines the most pressing obstacles to free expression in Canada.

The rise of “fake news” and increased surveillance of journalists pose new threats to democracy and free expression in Canada. The eighth annual CJFE Review shines a spotlight on the effects of these growing phenomena on the public’s ability to engage with reliable information.

The 2016-17 Review also features our signature Report Card, evaluating Canadian institutions and their handling of free expression issues, and national CJFE Poll of Canadian opinions and concerns about current free expression issues.

Print copies of the Review are available for free. Please contact [email protected] for information.


The Review of Free Expression in Canada is made possible through the generous support of UNESCO, the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), The Globe and Mail and Transcontinental Printing.

We work hard to deliver the information you need. Help us continue to do this every year.

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