#FollowFriday: Canadian Journalists Who Have Been Detained

Friday, June 14, 2013
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By: Nouran Sedaghat #FollowFriday is an opportunity for CJFE to showcase Canadian individuals and groups doing important work in the field of free expression. This week, veteran CBC foreign correspondents Saša Petricic and Derek Stoffel were arrested and detained for 11 hours in a Turkish jail as they attempted to cover the recent demonstrations in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Unfortunately, this is just one example of Canadian journalists who have recently been met with arrest and aggression for simply trying to do their job. Below is a collection of notable Canadian journalists who have faced obstacles in their mission to deliver the truth. Derek Stoffel and Saša Petricic As noted above, Stoffel and Petricic were arrested in Istanbul on June 12, 2013. They were detained for 11 hours following their attempts to document the recent anti-government protests in Istanbul. Stoffel and Petricic are both Middle East correspondents for CBC news. Follow Derek Stoffel on Twitter @DerekStoffelCBC Follow Saša Petricic on Twitter @sasapetricic Alex Consiglio On June 2, 2013, Consiglio, a Toronto Star reporter, was charged with trespassing and arrested for taking photos of an injured GO Transit officer at Union Station. While the public is free to take photos in the station, Metrolinx stipulates that reporters are required obtain permission by means of a waiver. Follow Alex Consiglio on Twitter @Consiglioz Justin Ling In May 2012, freelance journalist Justin Ling was arrested by Montreal police while covering one of the many student demonstrations against tuition hikes. Police disregarded Ling's claim that he was simply doing his job in photographing the protests until his Tweet announcing his arrest garnered enough attention to generate significant controversy. Follow Justin Ling on Twitter @Justin_Ling Jesse Rosenfeld Canadian journalist Jesse Rosenfeld was covering a peaceful G20 protest for The Guardian in 2010 when he was arrested and beaten by police officers in the area. Steve Paikin of TVO's The Agenda witnessed the attack and proceeded to Tweet about it in detail. CJFE issued an alert regarding the detention of Rosenfeld and other journalists covering the 2010 G20 summit. Follow Jesse Rosenfeld on Twitter @jrosyfield Follow Steve Paikin on Twitter @spaikin

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