IFEX Network

CJFE is a founding member of IFEX, a dynamic global network that monitors, promotes and defends freedom of expression worldwide. Created in 1992 in Montréal, IFEX is the largest global network of organizations working to defend and promote free expression.

IFEX's program work focuses on:

Circulating information to raise awareness - through daily and weekly newsletters, over social media and on ifex.org. Building regional capacity - providing advice, training, financial and technical support to assist members to work strategically to defend and promote free expression within regions Facilitating campaigns and advocacy - both urgent and long-term actions that target abuses in a particular country or issues such as defamation laws, Internet censorship and impunity. Building a vibrant free expression community - by organizing forums, providing targeted organizational development grants, and through research and analysis on key issues. If you're interested in subscribing to information from IFEX, click here.

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