Finding Refuge | The story of Hany al Moulia, Syrian Refugee

21-year-old Hany al Moulia is a Syrian refugee who now lives in Regina, Sask. Al Moulia captured life in a refugee camp in Lebanon in a series of images, from his little brother's shadow to a makeshift barber shop. His stunning images record life in a refugee camp that are both heartbreaking and beautiful, revealing both hope and despair, but what makes it particularly remarkable is that al Moulia is legally blind. He suffers from nystagmus, an eye condition that causes rapid eye movement; in his case, everything is out of focus unless it’s 10 centimetres from his face.

Watch the video above to learn more about Hany's photography in the refugee camp.

As a teenager, al Moulia left his home in Homs, Syria, in 2012 following the deaths of his cousin and uncle. He found temporary safety in a refugee camp in Lebanon, where he was introduced to the joy of photography through a UNHCR workshop. While al Moulia once dreamed of becoming an engineer, he’s now working hard to build a freelance photography career in Regina, where he and his family have found refuge.

CJFE was proud to display and sell Hany's gorgeous photos at the 2015 CJFE Gala: A Night to Honour Courageous Reporting. Hany spoke at the event, and his incredible speech brought audience members to both laughter and tears. Watch the speech below or buy one of his photographs to support CJFE and Hany.


Hany al Moulia tells his story




Photographs by Hany al Moulia

All proceeds from the sale of these stunning photographs go directly to Hany and CJFE's Journalists in Distress Fund, which provides humanitarian assistance to journalists and media workers whose lives and well-being are threatened.



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