Despite the opposition of hundreds of thousands of Canadians, the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015, (formerly, Bill C-51) was passed in 2015 with little public consultation or consideration of its impact.

Bill C-51 violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and has disturbing implications for free speech, privacy and civil liberties. This dangerous legislation has been widely criticized by experts and Canadians across the country as being recklessdangerous and ineffective. It can and does affect all Canadians, every day.

Bill C-51 must be repealed and our national security framework must be reformed. 


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  • Don Bas
    commented 2016-08-18 16:43:13 -0400
    I can’t study C51, and I don’t think privacy is a big deal. Terroism may be better preventid if we remove our privacy rights. I did it much bifore this Bill.
    But Verbal Delict – should be removed. It is OK for c51 people to check all the words they like, but not to imprison for that. Verbal delict was a trade mark of harsh Communism. One woman spent two years for a political joke about the ruler. I never had even bad thoughts about viiolnet change of a regime. And bill c51 is about it as well as all those Communism bills. But I do resent keeping an innocent women for talking the joke. Political or not. This minimum of personal freedom should e preserved
  • @CJFE tweeted this page. 2016-07-19 13:57:58 -0400