Canada's newly passed anti-terror legislation represents a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and has disturbing implications for free speech, privacy, the mandates of national security agencies, including CSIS, and the protection of civil liberties in Canada.

The challenge will address five key components of Bill C-51, which violate the Charter unjustifiably and must be struck down. These components feature amendments to (1) the CSIS Act, (2) the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and (3) the Criminal Code with respect to “advocating or promoting terrorism”. The challenge will also address (4) the new Secure Air Travel Act as well as (5) the new Security of Canada Information Sharing Act.

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Why it Matters

Bill C-51, Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act 2015, has been widely criticized by experts and Canadians across the country as being irresponsible, dangerous and ineffective. This fundamentally flawed law will detrimentally impact our social framework, democratic values and fundamental rights Bill C-51’s sweeping measures and tactics compromise the rights and freedoms that are valued by Canadians and critical to a free and healthy democratic society.

  • Your private information is no longer private
  • Innocent words can be interpreted as terrorism
  • Online posts can be censored
  • Protesting could put you under government surveillance
  • Your travel may be restricted without explanation
  • Your material possessions may be seized

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