Campaign Update: Thank you for helping CJFE raise over $6,000 in donations!

Friday, March 28, 2014

CJFE is proud to announce that our crowdfunding campaign for the fifth annual Review of Free Expression in Canada raised a total of $6,026 in donations!

Throughout our campaign, we posted weekly updates to celebrate the milestones your donations helped us achieve. Week after week, you showed us that it was possible to not only reach but, more importantly, surpass our $5,000 goal.

We can’t overstate how much of the campaign’s tremendous success is owed to this outpouring of support.

Thanks to you, CJFE now has greater resources to dedicate to this year’s Review. These donations will help us fund the people and work involved in producing the only publication in the country that takes a nation-wide assessment of freedom of expression.

In the following weeks, we’ll keep you informed about the efforts your donations are sponsoring. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive the latest updates.

If you claimed a perk that comes with your donation, CJFE will contact you shortly with details about your reward.

Once again, thank you for truly going above and beyond in contributing to the upcoming Review of Free Expression in Canada.