Campaign Update: Time is running out!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Donate to our Crowdfunding Campaign

In the final days of our crowdfunding campaign, we’re less than $600 away from our $5,000 goal!

It is thanks to our incredible supporters that our campaign has come this far, and we are touched by the enthusiasm that Canadians have shown for our Review of Free Expression in Canada.

The Review is the product of collective efforts to help CJFE defend a vital democratic right. At the national level, CJFE’s work is driven by the aim to promote openness and transparency throughout Canadian society–from media institutions and technology companies to local and federal lawmakers.

Each edition of the Review provides a crucial record of the decisions, actions, and events that shape the way we exercise freedom of expression. Taken together, they remind us how much further we have to go to truly hold institutions accountable for failing to protect our constitutional rights.

With your help, CJFE can continue its work to protect a right that is easy to take for granted but difficult to secure.

Please donate any amount you can to our campaign. If you pool some donations together with a group of coworkers or classmates, you could receive one of the incredible perks we've arranged to show our thanks for your generosity. There are many tours of the Toronto Star newsroom and a chance to have lunch with journalist Robyn Doolittle still waiting to be claimed, so make your donation as soon as you can.

After you've donated, use your social media skills to encourage your friends and family to join our cause.

Need some inspiration?
Here are some ideas–in 140 characters or less:

  • • Concerned about free expression in Canada? Donate to CJFE’s crowdfunding campaign: #CJFEreview
  • • A small donation goes a long way. Help CJFE raise $5000 to defend free expression in Canada: #CJFEreview
  • • It only takes a minute to support free expression in Canada: #CJFEreview
  • Don’t forget to tag @canadaCJFE in your tweets!

Once again, we are truly grateful for all your support. Thank you for doing your part to protect freedom of expression in Canada.