CJFE Newsletter: August 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear CJFE members and supporters,

This Wednesday, September 3 is an important date at CJFE for two reasons:

CJFE Gala early bird ticket sales are almost over. Prices go up on Wednesday, so purchase tickets now, while you still have access to the discounted rate.
We’re hiring! We are currently accepting applications for our IFEX Online Editor position. If you or anyone you know may be interested, this Wednesday is the deadline to submit applications.

What we were working on in August:

Mohamed Fahmy appealing conviction: After his internationally condemned trial, Fahmy joins his colleagues in appealing the illegitimate verdict.
CTV journalist arrested in Ferguson: While reporting from the protests in Missouri, reporter Tom Walters was detained while asking police why media were being asked to clear the area.
Omar Khadr: CJFE supports the Toronto Star, CBC, and White Pine Pictures court filing, requesting access to interview Khadr.
Journalists arrested in Iran: CJFE is deeply concerned by recent media detentions and the resulting chill on free expression.

What’s coming up in September:
• CJFE Gala award winner announcements
• Details on ways that you can help support CJFE’s work
• A look at Canada’s failing Access to Information system
• An examination of the challenges of reporting from Gaza

Thank you for your continued support of CJFE, and we hope that you have a safe long weekend.


Laura Tribe
CJFE National and Digital Programs Lead