Convergence releases Winter 2014 issue

Thursday, January 2, 2014

By Victoria Quiroz

Convergence is a bi-annual magazine created and curated by final year students in Humber College’s journalism program, with a mandate of “by the media for the media.” This year the team at Convergence decided to go in a bit of a new direction, opting to make a special issue focused specifically on new media.

What exactly is new media? This is the question the team at Convergence had to ask themselves in the early days of production.

Their answer can be found in the newly released Winter 2014 issue. Notable features include: a technology that creates images based on the brainwaves of participants, the rise of Netflix and its status as a contender against cable and network programs, and the resurgence of talk radio in podcasts. The issue also covers the negative aspects of new technologies, with stories on rapidly developing disorders as a result of social media and the seemingly never-ending threat to personal privacy.

Convergence has had a relationship with CJFE for several years. Each semester the magazine sends a student to intern at CJFE, and in exchange the organization shares its knowledge and resources on free expression and press freedom issues in Canada and internationally.

This issue of Convergence features a section highlighting press freedom heroes and predators, as well as a profile on CJFE’s 2013 Integrity Award winner, Bob Thomson.

Check out the Winter 2014 issue of Convergence magazine!

Victoria Quiroz is a final-year journalism student at Humber College and part-time CJFE intern. To see more of her work visit, or follow her on Twitter: @nevervicky