#FollowFriday: Scotiabank / CJFE Journalism Fellowship

Friday, July 19, 2013

By Stefan Rinas

#FollowFriday is an opportunity for CJFE to showcase individuals and groups doing important work in the field of free expression. Please note that certain follow recommendations are not wholesale endorsements of all of an individual’s or organization’s positions.

Since its inception in 2009, the Scotiabank/CJFE Journalism Fellowship has provided journalists with extensive work experience in Latin America with an opportunity for to study at Toronto’s Massey College.

In addition to enjoying a vibrant campus community at Massey College, past fellows have toured, spoken at, and written for Canadian media outlets such as The Globe and Mail. They have also participated in panel discussions through the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, partnered with local NGOs and think tanks, joined campus sports teams and committees, and organized seminars held at Massey College.

Below you will find the incredible fellows that we have been privileged to support over the years, as well as the partners that have helped to make this fellowship possible.

Scotiabank / CJFE Journalism Fellows

José Peralta, Uruguay: 2013-2014

Mr. Peralta is from Montevideo, Uruguay, and in 2006 he began writing for Búsqueda, a Uruguayan weekly. His work focuses on energy development, education, and public enterprise, and we look forward to welcoming him to Toronto in the fall.

Follow José Peralta on Twitter: @Jose3v3

Mary Triny Mena, Venezuela: 2012-2013

Mary Triny Mena is a journalist at Globovision, a Venezuelan news channel.

Follow Mary Triny Mena on Twitter: @mmena_gv

Luis Horacio Nájera, Mexico: 2011-2012

Luis Horacia Nájera is currently a visiting fellow at the Munk School’s Citizen Lab.

Follow Luis Horacio Nájera on Twitter: @Najera13

Eric Lemus, El Salvador: 2009

Eric Lemus is a freelance journalist and has written for international and El Salvadoran media outlets.

Follow Eric Lemus on Twitter: @EricLombardo

Fellowship Partners

Massey College

Massey College Master John Fraser has noted the importance of the program, saying, “our relationship with the CJFE/Scotiabank Fellowship is one of our most important partnerships. It reinforces our mandate to reach out beyond the academy and be a bridge community with the wider world.”

Follow Massey College on Twitter: @MasseyCollege


Sue Graham Parker, Scotiabank’s Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources, highlights the value of this partnership with Massey College and CJFE. “Past participants in this fellowship have been very clear about the high personal and professional value of this kind of opportunity and we’re very proud to work with CJFE and Massey College to make it happen as part of our Bright Future philanthropic program.”

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