Bob Thomson (Canada)

In 2011 an Integrity Award was introduced recognizing the need to protect the rights of “whistleblowers”. Whistleblowers are the people who expose corruption, illegal or unethical practice in the public or private sectors, all without any thought to personal gain or the professional risk they may face. The recipient of the Integrity Award is an individual(s) that has acted courageously and without thought to their own careers, livelihood or personal freedom and without intention of personal gain. The winner of the 2013 Integrity Award is Bob Thomson, who exposed the Canadian Embassy’s refusal to help Chilean refugees during the 1973 coup. Mr. Thomson leaked information concerning the then Canadian ambassador, Andrew Ross, and his advice to the minister that the killings in Chile were “abhorrent but understandable” (Fraser, 2013) to the media which resulted in campaigns led by NGOs and other members of civil society. This leaked information led to a reversal of Canada’s position and Canada welcoming 7,000 Chilean refugees into the country. In 2011 the winners of the Integrity award were; Dr. Shiv Chopra, Dr. Margaret Haydon, and Dr. Gérard Lambert, Health Canada scientists that were continuously harassed, reprimanded and eventually dismissed for “whistleblowing” on public health and food safety issues between the years of 1988 and 2004.
Integrity Award

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