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Become a Free Expression Campaigner

Thank you for becoming a CJFE Free Expression Campaigner! Through your contribution, you are helping CJFE stay sustainable today and into the future.

CJFE is entirely dependent on support from its allies, people just like you, to help support our programs and advocacy work, including:

  • Our Journalists in Distress Fund, which provides humanitarian assistance to journalists whose lives and well being are threatened because of their profession.
  • Managing and maintaining the Snowden Archive, which provides access to all published documents leaked by Edward Snowden for citizens, journalists and governments.
  • Policy work in Canada, such as our successful defeat of Bill C-461 and our continued fight for anti-SLAPP legislation.
  • Campaigning to free unjustly detained journalists, such as Al Jazeera English journalist Mohamed Fahmy and his colleagues in Egypt.
  • Our annual Review of Free Expression in Canadaand maintaining CJFE’s website, the go-to resource for free expression issues in Canada.

"‘Without freedom of expression, there is  silence or lies, and I don’t know which is worse. Free expression is the absolute mechanism by which we are free in the holistic sense."
—Linden MacIntyre, author and former co-host of CBC’s The Fifth Estate 

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Byron Sheardown

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