Through the work that we do, CJFE is helping to shine a spotlight on issues that journalists and regions face in defending and promoting free expression.

Our Scotiabank/CJFE Journalism Fellowship brings a Latin American mid-career journalist to Canada to study at Massey College at the University of Toronto. Internationally, CJFE is a member of IFEX, a global network of over 90 organizations working to defend and promote the right to free expression ( We also provide support and assistance to journalists through our Journalists in Distress Fund.

In addition, CJFE also participates in the annual World Press Freedom Day on May 3. We are also involved in more ad hoc work to advocate for specific cases in Canada and around the world. This last component is sometimes in the form of initiatives such as our campaign to free Al Jazeera journalistsdetained in Egypt.

The underlying philosophy behind our programs and campaigns is the belief that working together with other individuals and organizations makes all of our voices louder and more effective.

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