Canadians in over 70 communities across the country protest Bill C-51

Monday, March 16, 2015
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Monday, March 16, 2015

By Laura Tribe This past Saturday, Canadians across the country rallied against Bill C-51. Events were held in over 70 communities, with a number of groups gathering outside of their MPs' offices to show that they are extremely distressed by the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act.

Why are we concerned about the bill? Bill C-51 has received widespread criticism for a number of reasons. Of particular concern to CJFE is the lack of oversight regulating the increased powers introduced in the bill, and potential threats to free expression posed by extremely broad language used to criminalize "advocating or promoting terrorism." Under this provision, speech that is interpreted to be in support of terrorism, without demonstrating any intent to commit a terrorist act, could be seen as a criminal offense. As the government’s understanding of terrorism itself remains undefined, there is substantial anxiety that this legislation could be used against activists, protesters, and others speaking out, who have no intention of committing terrorist acts.

More information:

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Edward Snowden compared Bill C-51 to the U.S. Patriot Act
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Over 90,000 individuals have signed OpenMedia’s petition against Bill C-51. Add your name to the list of supporters:

Check out some of the highlights Canada's Day of Action below.

Can't see the map? Click here

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Why should you be worried?

Laura Tribe is CJFE’s National and Digital Programs Lead. Follow her on Twitter @ltribe.

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