CJFE Journalists in Distress Fund

Application Form

CJFE's Journalists in Distress Fund provides humanitarian assistance to journalists around the world
whose lives and well-being are threatened because of their work.

What does the Journalists in Distress Fund provide financial support for?
  • Legal fees when journalists are detained.
  • Medical expenses when journalists are caught in the line of fire or traumatized by their coverage.
  • Transportation costs to flee a dangerous situation.
  • Financial support for the families of journalists who have been killed or imprisoned.
  • Resettlement costs within first year of arriving in a final safe country.
The Journalists in Distress Fund will not support:
  • Ongoing expenses that will not lead to the resolution of the journalist’s predicament.
  • Ongoing expenses to organizations, institutions, or enterprises.
  • Support for education, professional development, or public appearances.
  • An applicant who is facing a problem that is unrelated to his/her work as a journalist (ex. the journalist has been diagnosed with cancer and needs medical attention).
  • An applicant who has been found to be engaged in fraudulent activity

    Personal Information

    Past Employment

    Please list all media organizations where you have worked, including the time period you worked there.

    Funding Request

    Please provide a detailed budget of your funding request, with a breakdown of the costs and details about how you arrived at the costs. Please note that CJFE’s grants typically range between $500 and $1500 (Canadian dollars)

    Persecution Narrative

    Please describe any persecution you have faced as a result of your work as a journalist, such as attacks, harassments, threats, and arrests. Make sure to include the source(s) of any persecution and the specific dates they occurred.


    Banking Information