CJFE Expresses Concern at Ban on Journalist Thomas Rohner Visiting Nunavut Correctional Facilities

Sunday, February 17, 2019
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February 12, 2019

The Honourable Jeannie Hakongak Ehaloak,
Minister of Justice

Dear Minister Ehaloak,

We write on behalf of the Canadian Journalists For Free Expression (CJFE) because Vice
freelance Journalist Thomas Rohner has been denied access to visit inmates in any of
Nunavut’s Correctional Facilities by Jean-Pierre Deroy, Director of Corrections for the
Department of Justice.

As you may know Mr. Rohner has been visiting prisoners for more than three years. Mr.
Deroy’s ban on Mr. Rohner visiting prisoners coincided with Mr. Rohner exercising his
constitution right of freedom of expression through publishing articles critical of
conditions in the Baffin Correctional Centre.

His reports on prison conditions are very much in the public interest in that they inform
the debate about how prisoners are treated. His reporting not only gives prisoners a voice
but should be of assistance to policy makers and those interested in prison reform.

In mid-October 2018, Mr. Rohner was denied interviews with three inmates: Bernard
Naulalik, Gary Arnaquq and Eetooloo Ejetsiak. He was told this denial was as a result of
him providing two inmates with a paper copy of a Vice news article on October 3rd,
2018. Mr. Rohner understood this was allowed because, he had previously asked a guard
about sharing an article with an inmate and permission was granted.

Prior to the October 3rd visit Mr. Rohner had never been briefed or shown protocols
which stated this was not allowed. When Mr. Rohner was advised of the apparent issue
concerning his October 3rd visit, he asked for a full copy of the protocols or other
guidance regarding visits so he could be sure to comply . Later Mr. Rohner was allowed
to visit inmate Jamesie Kakee on November 17th and 24th and for the first time, Mr.
Roher was briefed by a case worker in advance of these visits.

Mr. Deroy’s blanket ban on Mr. Rohner are based on an unspecified October
3rd incident and some vaguely described behavior of inmates Mr. Deroy was told by staff
that took place after Mr. Rohner’s visit.

The paucity and vagueness of Mr. Deroy’s reasons lead to our concern that the real
reason for the ban on Mr. Rohner visiting inmates in any of Nunavut’s Correctional
Facilities is an attempt to hinder Mr. Rohner from continuing to report on prison
conditions in these correctional facilities and to punish him for writing critical articles.
Mr. Rohner and the public are entitled to complete particulars about these alleged
concerns raised by staff so Mr. Rohne can have a fair opportunity to respond and the
public can comment. Furthermore Mr. Rohner and the public are entitled to know what
information Mr. Deroy relied on.

The CJFE strongly supports the public’s right to know why Mr. Deroy conducted this this
review and why he issued the sweeping ban. Also the CJFE requests you advise as to
why Mr. Deroy could not have chosen less intrusive measures that would not have
crippled Mr. Rohner’s ability to visit prisoners and report on Nunavut’s Correctional

Specifically, we note that any alleged concerns relating to interactions that took place
prior to mid-October, were resolved so it is difficult to see why Mr. Deroy relies on the
vague and unspecified allegations against Mr. Rohner made concerning his October
3rd visit.

It is clear Mr. Rohner was not properly briefed on protocols before November, which is
the facility’s responsibility to do. Furthermore we are aware of emails to Michael
Warren, Warden of the Baffin Correction Centre, and several others at the Department of
Justice in which Mr. Rohner requested the protocols and other information.
In light of Mr. Rohner’s clear willingness to observe all protocols and guidance.
we believe that there is no rational basis for Mr. Deroy to conclude that Mr. Rohner is not
prepared to observe all protocols and guidance.

As stated above Mr. Rohner’s articles about Nunavut’s correctional facilities are in the
public interest and Mr. Deroy’s unprecedented decision to ban a journalist from from
visiting inmates in any of Nunavut’s Correctional Facilities appears to be a vastly
disproportionate and punitive reaction to the alleged actions of Mr. Rohner, particularly
in light of Mr. Rohner’s uncontradicted willingness to comply with all protocols and

The CJFE urges you to resolve this matter as soon as possible and again permit Mr.
Rohner to visit inmates in all of Nunavut’s Correctional Facilities .

We trust you will give this matter a high priority and ensure it is transparently resolved in
a just, expeditious and proportional manner so that Mr. Rohner can continue to visit
prisoners and write articles based on his visits and observations of prison conditions in
the very near future.

We urge you to treat this as a serious issue and provide a substantive response to this
letter very soon.

Yours Sincerely,

P.M. Jacobsen
Chair of CJFE Canadian Issues Committee

Via Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

CC: Mr. Adam Lightson, MLA [email protected];
Mr.John Main MLA [email protected];
Ms. Pat Angnaka [email protected]

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    The issue has now been settled to the “mutual satisfaction” of Rohner and Nunavut’s justice minister and director of corrections, according to an order filed on May 8 at the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit. https://www.cjfe.org/cjfe_expresses_concern_at_ban_on_journalist_thomas_roh
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  • Ac Hegeman
    commented 2019-10-28 13:41:05 -0400
    Naming the inmates in your published letter may be detrimental to their reintegration. In fact, Nunavut leaders have identified reintegration of inmates as a priority concern. Please help – not hinder – that important identified concern.
  • Joels Joe
    commented 2019-07-10 10:38:50 -0400
    Did get a reply, if so can we see?
  • Joels Joe
    followed this page 2019-07-10 10:38:20 -0400