Award winners

In dozens of countries around the world, journalists regularly face obstacles in order to get the news out. Whether the threats be judicial, physical or otherwise, these dedicated and principled individuals continue to work tirelessly - often risking their lives - so that the news media remain free.

At the CJFE Gala: A Night to Honour Courageous Reporting, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression presents the following awards to honour those who champion free expression in different ways:

Integrity Award
CJFE presents the Integrity Award to recognize and build awareness of the need to protect the rights of “whistleblowers,” those people who, without thought of personal gain and at personal and professional risk, expose corruption, or illegal or unethical practices in the public or private sectors. The recipients of this award are individuals who have acted courageously in the public interest without thought of personal gain, and in doing so risked reprisals in the form of threats to their careers, livelihood, or personal freedom.
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International Press Freedom Award
Each year CJFE bestows an International Press Freedom Award in recognition of the courage of journalists around the world who work tirelessly, at great personal risk and against enormous odds, simply to produce the news.
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Tara Singh Hayer Memorial Award
In 1999, the Canadian Press Freedom Award was re-named in honour of Tara Singh Hayer, a Canadian journalist and editor of the Vancouver-based Indo-Canadian Times, who was assassinated in November 1998. The award recognizes a Canadian journalist or organization who, through their work, has made an important contribution to reinforcing and promoting the principle of freedom of the press in this country or elsewhere.
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Vox Libera Award
The Vox Libera Award is granted to a Canadian who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the principles of free expression and who has had made an important and sustained contribution – at home or abroad – to those same principles.
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