Abeer Al-Askary, Egypt

Abeer Al-Askary is a young Egyptian journalist who has published several investigative reports on controversial and threatening issues. Among her writings are reports on state security officers within the Ministry of Interior who have supervised torture against activists and prisoners. She has also written on corruption and lack of transparency in the educational system in Egypt. Additionally, her writings have contributed to revealing fraud during the Egyptian elections, especially concerning the President's son and the issue of bequeathing the presidency to him. Another example of the sensitive nature of her work are articles focused on the rights of the oppressed Egyptian Bahais in Egypt at a time when extremist Islamic thought is widespread. Because of her writings, she has fallen victim to a series of attacks by the Egyptian state security authorities. For example, Al-Askary was one of the victims of the assault on May 25, 2005, that targeted activists and journalists covering demonstrations against the referendum on constitutional amendments in Egypt. Female journalists were not only physically assaulted, but also sexually harassed in an attempt to break their will.