Hayat Ullah Khan, Pakistan

Hayat Ullah Khan was a freelance tribal journalist and photographer. He worked under dangerous circumstances, covering the military action in Pakistan's tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. He was abducted on December 5, 2005. His family suspects that he was picked up by an intelligence agency because four days prior to his disappearance he had released pictures from an attack on North Waziristan. His reports contradicted official accounts claiming that a senior Al-Qaeda commander, Abu Hamza Rabia, died after munitions exploded inside a house. Hayatullah quoted a local tribesman as saying the house was hit by an air-launched missile. International media then identified the fragments in the photographs as part of a Hellfire missile, possibly fired from a US drone. His dead body was found in North Waziristan on June 16, 2006. He leaves behind his wife, Mehrunnisa Khan, and four children. After his death was confirmed, journalists in major Pakistani cities held protest demonstrations about Khan's murder and the dangers encountered by journalists working in the tribal areas.