Hollman Morris, Colombia

Morris has been a reporter since the early 1990s, covering Colombia's internal armed conflict and human rights abuses. He reports for local and national radio, television, newspapers, and works as a documentary filmmaker and independent writer. Morris' highly acclaimed television program Contravia, addresses some of the most difficult and controversial issues in Colombian society. Morris produced a number of special reports on the peace negotiations, including a series of pieces designed to educate the public at large about the circumstances and consequences of the resulting agreements. Morris was eventually forced to leave Colombia because of death threats he was receiving in 2000. He returned a year later only to have funeral wreaths and notes of condolence announcing his death delivered to his home and office in 2005. Most recently, Morris has been accused of being an international spokesman for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. CPJ has expressed concern at this erroneous accusation as their research indicates that journalists have in the past been threatened, attacked, and/or murdered for alleged links to armed parties in the country.