Myo Myint Nyein, Burma

The case of Myo Myint Nyein represents a harsh attempt to silence an independent media voice in a country that has more journalists in jail than any other Asian nation. The fifty-year-old Burmese journalist was imprisoned in 1990. The editor of Pay Phu Hlwar magazine was charged with "organizing youths and students to create instability" through articles in the publication, and was subsequently sentenced to seven years in jail. While in prison, Myo Myint Nyein and other incarcerated colleagues clandestinely formed the "Press Freedom Movement". Because of his involvement in the movement, Myo Myint Nyein was sentenced to an additional seven years with hard labour. He was held in appalling conditions. While in prison, Myo Myint Nyein suffered from gastritis, migraines, neurosis and hypertension. He was released under an amnesty in the spring of 2002.