Terry Gould

Terry Gould is a Brooklyn-born investigative journalist based in Canada who focuses on organized crime and social issues. Gould is a former magazine editor, as well as television editor, programmer and writer. He spent the past four years researching and writing the book “Murder without Borders: Dying for the Story in the World’s Most Dangerous Places” (2009). This book portrays the lives of seven brave journalists killed because of their work. In order to collect his information he travelled to the journalists’ countries, interviewed their families, friends and sometimes their murderers. “Murder Without Borders” looks at impunity, media repression, and censorship in some of the most dangerous countries for journalists: Colombia, Russia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Iraq.

While researching “Murder Without Borders,” Gould often investigated criminal power structures in countries where he did not speak the language and where the criminals he was investigating were still at large. He did this work with limited resources; he and his wife paid for many things from their savings. He put himself at risk by looking into stories that had cost other journalists their lives. Gould’s work draws attention to the important work journalists do and the danger and impunity they face in many countries for reporting the news.