The Daily News, Zimbabwe

The Daily News was started in 1999 by a group of senior journalists. In its heyday it was the biggest independent newspaper in Zimbabwe. However it paid dearly for its popularity and for its uncompromising opposition to government repression. The paper's offices and printing presses have been firebombed, police have brutally and relentlessly harassed its journalists, and have shut down the paper for months at a time, many Daily News journalists, most famously, Geoffrey Nyarota have been forced to flee the country, and even ordinary Zimbabweans have been threatened for buying the Daily News. Mugabe's government has used every tool at its disposal to silence the newspaper, including in 2002, creating the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act which requires that every journalist be licenced. Despite many court victories for the Daily News, the newspaper was forced to close down in February 2004, and now exists only in a much reduced online version published out of South Africa.