Mae Azango (Liberia)

Mae Azango is a Liberian reporter at daily newspaper and website FrontPage Africa, and is a senior member of New Narratives—Africans Reporting Africa, a not-for-profit media development initiative.

Her career as a journalist has focused on coverage of issues widely considered taboo in Liberian communities, such as female genital cutting, child rape, the frequency of teenage motherhood and police brutality. Her story on the practice of female genital cutting published in March 2012 drew death threats that forced Azango and her daughter into hiding. Azango continued to publish stories for FrontPage Africa and Foreign Policy magazine during this period.

Following pressure from global advocacy groups that compelled the government to make its first public commitment to ending female genital cutting, Azango returned home. While she continues to face aggression and backlash from community members for her reportage, Azango remains committed to exposing hardships faced by women and girls in Liberia.

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