CJFE launches Listserv to discuss Canadian Free Expression Issues

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
CJFE is launching a new list serv that will focus on free expression issues, particularly those facing Canadians. We hope this new forum will be a place where members can discuss topics such as search and seizure, journalists' right to protect sources, internet regulation, anti-terrorism legislation and other current and pressing issues. To join the listserv please contact the CJFE Program Manager at this email . The listserv will be moderated by CJFE member, Grant Buckler. CJFE LISTSERV RULES AND REGULATIONS A)General Purpose: CJFE believes that a vibrant civil society is a vital foundation for freedom of expression. Thus, CJFE has worked tirelessly to raise the level of public awareness about freedom of expression related issues. To this end, the goal of this listserv is to encourage public interest and dialogue about the state of freedom of expression in Canada and around the world. It is open to all CJFE members and interested members of the public. B) Rules Above all, listserv contributors are expected to exercise good judgment when posting articles. The rules listed below have two basic purposes: # a) To ensure journalistic integrity in the listserv and, # b) To ensure that the listserv remains both on-topic and a source of constructive dialogue. # Of course, the rules are not set in stone: listserv members are encouraged to suggest any changes they feel might improve the functioning of the listserv. 1. The listserv is intended exclusively for discussing issues related to freedom of expression. It may not, in other words, be used as a forum for articulating any political, economic, personal or other opinions not explicitly related to freedom of expression. The success of the listserv hinges on its ability to remain on-topic. # 2. The listserv should not be used for any commercial purposes. # 3. Postings should not be defamatory and should refrain from any personal attacks. # 4. Postings should not be racist, sexist, or of an otherwise hateful nature. # 5. Postings will not always be reviewed prior to appearing on the listserv. Therefore, it is imperative that listserv contributors exercise good judgment. # 6. The listserv is passively moderated. The moderator's duties involve monitoring listserv postings and ensuring that they remain appropriate (see rules 1-4 above). The present moderator is Grant Buckler. # 7. Contributors who feel their postings were unfairly deemed inappropriate can appeal the moderator's decision. Appeals should be sent to the moderator. The moderator agrees to review any appeals that are made. # 8. The moderator will first issue a caution to any member who posts an inappropriate message. Any member of the listserv who has posted two messages deemed inappropriate will forfeit the right to post on the listserv for a probationary period of 1 month, after which they will be permitted to post providing they agree to abide by the listserv rules. Any further infractions will result in removal from the listserv. # 9. Listserv contributors agree to consult the moderator by email (not through the listserv) before posting if there is any doubt as to whether a posting is appropriate for the listerv. There will be no penalty for inappropriate postings that are sent to the moderator but are not distributed on the listserv. # 11. Should there be a need for a new moderator, listserv members can nominate individuals for consideration, however the board of directors reserves the right to select a moderator of its own choosing.

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