CJFE Newsletter: February 2015

Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dear CJFE members and supporters,

We are excited to announce that on Wednesday, March 4, CJFE will be holding an event featuring a live conversation with Edward Snowden, the launch of an exciting new free expression initiative, and a panel discussion on the future of mass surveillance and privacy in Canada. Snowden will be taking questions from the audience, as well as from Twitter, so let us know what you want him to answer! Send in your questions using the hashtag #AskSnowden and tune in to the livestream to see the results. More event details can be found at cjfe.org/asksnowden.

In other news, to continue improving CJFE and the fight for free expression, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign for our annual Review of Free Expression in Canada. If you'd like to support CJFE and the Review, you can donate or, for a limited time only, join CJFE as a member at a discount of 70%!

#FreeAJstaff updates:

It’s been a busy month for the #FreeAJStaff campaign, with developments both positive and negative in the journalists' case. Peter Greste was released and returned to Australia, while a retrial was scheduled for Canadian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian Baher Mohamed. The two journalists were granted bail pending the retrial, which was then adjourned from February 23 to March 8. Take a look at all of our #FreeAJstaff updates below.

What we've been up to:

  • This month CJFE was ranked 10th out of 295 brands in Canada by Strategy Magazine’s Creative Report Card, and we would like to thank all of our members and supporters for helping make CJFE such an incredible organization with such a memorable brand!
  • International Data Privacy Day: A mass surveillance program in Canada was revealed on this year’s International Data Privacy Day. CJFE looked at growing concerns about privacy in Canada and the chilling effect the absence of privacy is having on free expression around the world.
  • People's Journalism: Reporting under Fire: Join us for an evening in honour of Ali Mustafa, Canadian freelance photojournalist killed in Syria. The event will include a talk with journalists Sharif Kouddous (Democracy Now) and Jihan Hafiz (Al Jazeera) on their experiences as social justice-oriented freelancers in conflict areas.
  • Journalists targeted by ISIS: CJFE vehemently condemned the repeated targeting of both local and foreign journalists by ISIS militants, which led to the recent deaths of Kenji Goto, Adnan Abdul Razzaq, and Ali Ansari.
  • Exiled East African journalists: Practicing journalism in East Africa often comes at a high price. CJFE examined what happens when journalists and media workers are forced to flee their homes, and how they continue their work from afar.
  • Mazen Darwish and colleagues: CJFE added its voice to 70 other organizations who continue to call for the immediate release of prominent Syrian human rights defenders Mazen Darwish, Hani Al-Zitani, and Hussein Gharir. It has been three years since the men’s arbitrary arrests.
  • Freedom to Read Week: The annual celebration provides an opportunity to learn about our right to free expression. CJFE analyzed more covert forms of censorship in Canada, and held a public talk at the North York Central Library.

What’s coming up in March:

  • March 4: "Snowden Live: Canada and the Security State," presented in partnership with Ryerson University and the CBC.
  • March 10: Professor Andrew Clement is giving a free public talk about mass surveillance and free expression in Canada after Edward Snowden’s leaks.
  • International Women’s Day: To mark the annual day on March 8, CJFE will be recognizing the work and achievements of female human rights defenders who show us how important it is to exercise our right to free expression.

Thanks for reading our newsletter and we hope you have a wonderful month.

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