CJFE stands still in support of free expression in Turkey

Monday, July 29, 2013
On Sunday, July 28, 2013, CJFE took part in a global solidarity action to support journalists and peaceful demonstrators in Turkey. CJFE joined six other like-minded organizations to stand still for seven minutes in front of the Turkish Consulate-General in Toronto. Each organization stood with the name of one of the seven individuals who was killed in the Turkish protests. The action was initiated by the Initiative for Freedom of Expression - Turkey, and similar demonstrations were staged in six other cities around the world to send a message to the Turkish government about the universal importance of freedom of expression and the right to assemble.
"Right after we were arrested, I felt that Sasa and I were not the story -- the real story is the terrible treatment journalists in Turkey face from their government. So I'm glad you all are taking a stand against it."
- CBC Foreign Correspondent Derek Stoffel, who was detained in Turkey while attempting to cover the Taksim Square demonstrations earlier this year
Our joint statement to the Turkish Embassy Blog post from CJFE President Arnold Amber

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