CJFE strongly condemns the irruption into Vice Quebec’s newsroom

Friday, May 25, 2018
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CJFE joins its voice to those of journalists across the country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard in vigorously denouncing the intimidation of Vice Quebec journalists this week.

Members of the anti-immigration group Atalante caused ruckus in the Montreal offices of Vice on Wednesday, entering unannounced wearing masks, making noise and throwing flyers in the newsroom.

The intimidation tactic came a week after Vice Quebec journalist Simon Coutu published an article reporting the rise of far-right groups in Montreal.

This clear attack on press freedom goes against the most fundamental values of our democracy and must be condemned on all fronts. CJFE stands by journalist Simon Coutu and Vice Quebec and will vehemently denounce anyone who tries to silence journalists and thus attack the public’s right to be informed.

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  • Miss Gia
    commented 2020-02-25 06:31:02 -0500
  • Daniel
    commented 2018-08-08 15:45:34 -0400
    Expression and the Charter are in conflict with the execution (prosecution) of Justice from the bench with the 4th Estate’s mandate to have a fail-safe source protected from Exposure to the Light of Day.
    Sounds like a job for #SCOC Supreme Court of Canada.Should we continue to remunerate them ? Why don’t we vote for those bench warmers ? Like the Americans ?