Crowdfunding critical analysis on free expression in Canada (Update #1)

Friday, March 15, 2013
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By Julie Payne We are so happy and grateful for all the support we’ve received during these first five days of our crowdfunding campaign. We just hit $1095, which means we are more than 20% of the way to our goal of $5000. Thank you very much to our first 21 supporters. You’ll always be our favourites (at least until the next 21 join the crowd!)! We also very much appreciate your posts to others about the campaign. That’s our biggest challenge right now – making sure more and more people hear about this. So please tweet, post on Facebook, chat around the water cooler and gab about our campaign every opportunity you get. Trust us – you’ll be very popular at parties. On the Review of Free Expression front – our first eight articles are in and our editors, copy editors and fact checkers are burning the midnight oil. It’s a very diverse and interesting selection of articles about police posing as journalists, impunity, the silencing of scientists and whistleblowers. With more deadlines for our writers this weekend, there are even more great articles still to come. That’s all for now, but we’ll keep you updated as we go. Thank you again! - Team “What you don’t know CAN hurt you.” p.s. No editor had time to edit this post – so all mistakes are my own.

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