EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: CJFE Review’s 2014-2015 Free Expression Report Card!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
By Megan Drysdale Each year CJFE publishes the Review of Free Expression in Canada, an in-depth analysis of the state of free expression in the country over the past 12 months. It is the only nationwide report that holds our government accountable for its impact on your rights and keeps you informed of the most important events, issues, and legislation impacting free expression in Canada. The 2014-15 Review of Free Expression in Canada will be published in early May to coincide with World Press Freedom Day. We produce the Review with a tiny staff and a very dedicated group of volunteers, who put in more than 2,600 hours of work to get this crucial information to the public. As a non-profit, we depend entirely on support through donations and memberships to produce this publication and continue our advocacy work to defend your rights. This year, we need to raise $7,000 to make the Review’s publication possible, and to reach new audiences to inform more Canadians about what’s happening to our rights. One of the highlights of the Review is our annual Report Card, which holds Canadian institutions to account by assigning grades based on their performance in upholding free expression in Canada. Today, we’re excited to share an exclusive sneak peek at the issues and institutions we’re evaluating this year:
  1. Canada’s access to information system
  2. Freedom of expression for federal scientists
  3. Anti-terror legislation and digital surveillance practices
  4. Charitable audits by the Canada Revenue Agency
  5. Canadian media outlets’ protection of freelancers
  6. Government advocacy for Canadians abroad
  7. Public awareness of free expression issues
Stay tuned for the grades, which will be revealed in May when we publish the 2014-15 Review of Free Expression in Canada. We also look forward to hearing the grades you would assign in our online poll following the Review publication! We’re proud and grateful for the support we’ve already received, which makes this Report Card and the rest of the Review possible. Defenders of free expression like you have brought us to almost 30% of our fundraising goal, and you can help CJFE build on this momentum. Your support will help us to research, write, design and print the Review, and distribute it FREE at universities and colleges across the country. Please help us continue this amazing momentum and reach our goal:
  1. Become a CJFE member: From now until World Press Freedom Day on May 3, memberships are 70% off!
  2. Donate: The Review informs and engages Canadians on their right to free expression in Canada, and this is your chance to make sure that happens. Every dollar goes a long way!
  3. Share: Every person you share this with is one more person who knows about their rights, CJFE’s work, and the importance of holding those in authority accountable. Share links to our donation page or membership page using the hashtag #CJFEreview, and be sure to follow @canadaCJFE on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  4. We will be posting weekly status updates until World Press Freedom Day to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our progress with the 2014-15 Review of Free Expression in Canada. Tune in next week for an update with more exclusive content from the Review!
    Megan Drysdale is CJFE’s Editorial and Events Assistant.

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