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CJFE will not exist through 2018 unless you take action now.

A journalist from West Africa wrote to us this week. And he was terrified. He was imprisoned by the government and tortured for weeks in revenge for his critical reporting. He was released but still faces constant harassment from police. Could CJFE help?

This is what we did: We immediately provided him with an emergency grant to help him and his family flee a dangerous situation and start a new life in a safe final country. CJFE has saved the lives of hundreds of journalists in this way. Thanks to us, they survived to continue reporting.

When we found out journalists in Quebec were being spied on by police, we launched a campaign for a new law to increase legal protections for the media. Thanks to us, Canada’s first press shield bill was passed in October.

But next year we may not be there to help.

CJFE is facing an urgent funding crisis, and we need to raise $200,000 to survive through the next year. We have a small staff in a cramped office and nominal overhead beyond the costs of campaigning, but we still have an impact well above our visible size.

You can help us keep doing this critical work with a generous tax-deductible donation now. Every donation helps, no matter how large or small.

A future without CJFE means journalists dying while waiting for help to escape a dangerous situation. It means reporters sent to prison for refusing to reveal their sources. It means police spying on journalists with impunity.

We also fight for your rights every day in Canada, and we win. Because of friends like you, we won changes to the freedom-killing Bill C-51. We won our campaign to pass Canada’s first press shield law. And we won the freedom of courageous journalists around the world, including Mohammed Fahmy and Zeenat Shahzadi.

We need you to send a generous tax-deductible donation today. If you don’t, the next time Bill C-51 comes along, there won't be anyone to fight, when a Canadian reporter goes to jail, we won’t be there to help, when the government spies on your emails, there won’t be anyone to reach out to.

We have big plans for 2018. We’re launching a new fund dedicated to helping female journalists escape threats to their lives. We’re building innovative tools to help newsmedia startups breathe new life into journalism. We’re organizing grassroots technical support and legal observation for independent media at demonstrations. We’re expanding our digital security training to help more freelancers and activists protect themselves and their sources.

We need you to help us build this future. You’re reading this because you care about democracy, and you know that the fight for freedom never ends. Every dollar you give us is a vote against future dystopia and repression around the world. Please hurry and send us a generous tax-deductible donation now.



Duncan Pike
Co-Director, CJFE


Every donation counts, no matter how large or small. CJFE’s work has never been more important. I have confidence that you will make a generous gift so that we can keep on fighting for your freedom.


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Nikki_Moir.jpgMoir, born Myra Nicholson, died in December 2014, at 96 years old. One of the early female pioneers of journalism in Canada, she was born in Alloa, Scotland, in 1919, the youngest, and only girl, with five brothers. At ten years old, Moir moved to Canada with her family and found her passion in a Vancouver newsroom...

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CJFE to Honour Elena Milashena, Robyn Doolittle and Kim Bolan for Courageous Reporting


On November 30, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) will honour three extraordinary women for their courage in reporting at the 2017 CJFE Gala in Toronto. Elena Milashina of Russia will be given the International Press Freedom Award, The Globe and Mail’s Robyn Doolittle will be awarded the Arnold Amber Award for Investigative Journalism, and Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun will be honoured with the Tara Singh Hayer Memorial Award.

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