Journalists killed

This map was last updated on January 6, 2016.   77 journalists were killed in 2015. Increasingly, journalists around the world are paying the ultimate price for exercising their right to free expression. A significant percentage of journalists killed in retaliation for their work are deliberately targeted, with many reportedly receiving threats before their deaths. CJFE has been keeping statistics on journalists and media workers killed around the world since 2006, compiled from reports by members of the IFEX network. Below, you will find an interactive map detailing journalists killed in 2016 This resource is updated regularly, and aims to capture all cases of journalists killed in direct connection to their work. The list includes journalists, stringers and freelancers, media workers such as fixers and translators, as well as bloggers and digital media writers who report on current affairs and issues of public interest.


For inclusion on the list, the individual’s death must be meet one or more of the following specifications:

  • The individual was reporting at the time of their death
  • The individual’s death can be reliably linked to a history of threats in retribution for their reporting
  • The individual is a foreign correspondent on assignment in another country and was in the situation which led to their death because of their work.
  • The individual was targeted for their profession.
  • The individual died while in detention for their reporting
  • The individual died in captivity after being kidnapped for their reporting

See the interactive map of journalists killed in 2014. 

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