Feeding the Hand that Bites You

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Poking the State With a Stick Enterprises., in association with the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and the Ryerson School of Journalism present "Feeding the Hand that Bites You." The forum, moderated by veteran journalist Peter Desbarats, poses the question: What should investigative reporters do when the state comes calling…with a stick in its hand? To answer this question we have brought together a quartet of battle-hardened investigative reporters, author Stevie Cameron, Juliet O'Neill (Ottawa Citizen), Andrew McIntosh (National Post), and Ken Peters (Hamilton Spectator).

There are no rule books and few reliable guides to assist investigative journalists who set out to probe the State - only to find it hitting back via the police, the courts and even CSIS, our homegrown spooks. On January 18th we invite the public to hear the experiences of these journalists as they tackle this issue, and try to find answers to questions such as:

# 1) Should an investigative reporter ever turn over evidence of a crime he/she uncovers? What principles govern that decision?
# 2) What should/must reporters know in order to best deal with the state when it comes calling?
# 3) Do journalists in Canada need a general shield law that protects them from having to reveal confidential sources?
# 4) In a free and open society, what kind of police/investigative journalist relationship serves the public interest best?

Date & Time: Tuesday, January 18, 2005, 7:30 p.m.
Location: Jorgenson Hall - L-72, Ryerson University, Toronto, 350 Victoria St. (at Gould)
Admission is free.

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