Hot Docs and CJFE Co-Present Screening of Bearing Witness

Friday, April 29, 2005

An A&E IndieFilms™ Original by Two-Time Academy Award Winner Barbara Kopple, Three-Time Emmy Award Winner Bob Eisenhardt and Marijana Wotten

Bearing Witness is an intimate look at the personal and professional lives of five accomplished women journalists and the immense risks they take to cover the world's hot spots. In doing so, they provide audiences with an unparalleled view of life behind the scenes of war-torn Iraq:

Freelance photographer Molly Bingham
Arrested by Muhuborat, Saddam's Secret police, and imprisoned at the infamous Abu Ghraib

CNN Camerawoman Mary Rogers
Chronicled tales of war from around the country with partner Ben Wedeman

Sunday Times of London writer Marie Colvin
Broke story that unearthed Iraq's mass graves

American Al Jazeera journalist May Ying Welsh
Torn between nationality and career in securing event coverage

Times of London writer Janine DiGiovanni
Forced to choose between motherhood and career while traveling the Gaza Strip