FREE TO SPEAK, 2009: The Citizen As Journalist: Tasers, The RCMP and Public Perception

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Toronto: Globe Restaurant, 124 Danforth Avenue

Tickets: $250* (Wine selection, choice of main course, vegetarian option)

On October 14, 2007, Paul Pritchard kept his video camera running as RCMP officers Tasered Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski. These images shocked Canadians and rocked public perceptions of the RCMP.

Paul Pritchard will speak about how he came to be at the Vancouver airport that night after mysteriously missing an earlier flight. He will tell us why he kept filming the event and then hired a lawyer when the RCMP refused to return his footage. Terry Milewski will discuss the legal and political implications for the RCMP.

CJFE will present Paul with an award for "Citizen Journalism."

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