Interactive timeline: Muzzling of federal scientists 2012-14

PHOTO: Zack Embree
Monday, July 21, 2014

The past few years in Canada have seen continued funding cutbacks for federal science programs, and policies preventing scientists from freely communicating their findings. In our 2013-14 Review of Free Expression in Canada, we highlighted a number of important events in the muzzling of federal scientists, building on our timeline from 2012.

Key points to note include:

• A new code of conduct issued in March 2013 prevents librarians from engaging in “high risk activities” such as speaking in classrooms and at conferences without first obtaining managers’ approval.

• The shutdown of multiple government libraries in December 2013 resulted in the destruction of irreplaceable and important documents.

• A recent survey by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada found that 90% of government scientists do not feel they could speak freely about their work.

Scroll through our interactive timeline below to learn more about research funding and freedom of expression for scientists in Canada from 2012-14.

View the full article by Alana Westwood below, or download the PDF.

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