IPFA winner Mohamed Abdelfattah continues to tackle challenging issues

Mohamed Abdelfattah
Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In 2011, CJFE awarded Mohamed Abdelfattah with our International Press Freedom Award his courageous coverage of Egyptian protests. Now over a year later, we checked in with Mohamed to see what he has been working on since.

Continuing to tackle challenging issues, here is an example of one of his most recent articles:

Leaving Islam in the age of Islamism

by Mohamed Abdelfattah

Originally posted in Daily News Egypt.

What would prompt a former youth member of the Muslim Brotherhood to declare that he is putting his belief in Islam “on hold”? What would convert young people to become not only non-religious but extremely anti-theist following long periods of activism with Egypt’s ultra-conservative Wahhabi club, the Salafis?

What I said may be surprising for many, but not for others. The past several years have witnessed every single young man or woman with a shred of critical thinking to leave the Islamist movement. Starting with the Egyptian revolution and the Islamists’ shameful position against it, young middle class educated members have ever since continued to trickle out.

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Mohamed Abdelfattah is a journalist and multimedia producer based in Cairo, Egypt. His main news beats are politics, human rights, and criminal justice. In 2011, he won a CJFE International Press Freedom Award for his work on police brutality.