Videos: Reporting on the Arab Spring

Michelle Shephard, Sonia Verma and Lynn Burgess
Friday, June 24, 2011

On June 22, CJFE hosted a discussion with Canadian journalists who have faced the challenges of covering the Middle East and North Africa uprisings, reporting from countries including Egypt, Libya and Yemen. The discussion was moderated by Anna Maria Tremonti, and featured journalists Heba Aly, Lynn Burgess, Michelle Shephard and Sonia Verma. Videos will be posted here and on CJFE's YouTube Channel.

Prior to the discussion CJFE conducted one-on-one interviews with our panellists.

Our first interview was with Lynn Burgess, award-winning producer for The National on CBC News. She is best known for her producing 'Getting Away With Murder,' chronicling the CBC's investigation into the assassination of Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. Lynn has reported extensively throughout the Middle East including the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. Recently, Lynn has reported on the revolutions in Egypt and Libya. Lynn shared her experiences in Libya with us:

The next video features an interview with Heba Aly, journalist and producer for CBC Radio One's The Current. Heba has reported from a variety of different countries, among them Kenya, Sudan, Senegal and Chad, filing for many news outlets such as Bloomberg News, the Globe and Mail, the Christian Science Monitor and Public Radio International. Recently, Heba reported on the revolution in Egypt. She shared some of her stories and a few words of wisdom with us:

The following clip features Michelle Shephard, journalist for the Toronto Star, speaking about foreign and local journalists in Yemen.

In this next video, our panellists share a few of their most memorable experiences.

In the next video, Michelle and Heba discuss the role of female activists and freelance journalists in Yemen and during the revolution in Egypt. Anna Maria Tremonti asks about the restrictions faced by each of the panellists in the video that follows.

This clip features Lynn, Sonia and Heba exchanging experiences on confronting hostile individuals and the seizure of equipment by government personnel.

During the question period, the issue of relying on foreign embassies and associations for support was raised. Additionally mentioned in this clip is process of hiring local contacts or 'fixers' to assist foreign journalists in gaining access.

The following video was filmed by Julie Mollins of Trust Media, who attended the event. She spoke with Heba Aly following the discussion about the role of traditional and social media in Egypt in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution.