CJFE produces a number of publications, including our annual Review of Free Expression in Canada. Take a look through our archive of documents, and track the state of free expression in Canada and internationally over the years.



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Latest publications

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    Since 2010, CJFE’s national monitoring and advocacy efforts have informed our annual Review of Free Expression in Canada. Now in its fifth year, the 48-page Review remains the nation’s only publication that evaluates the people, policies and institutions that help and hinder freedom of expression.
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    This year's publication from the CJFE Gala tells the powerful stories of each of our courageous award winners and highlights important facts about free expression around the world. What you don't know CAN hurt you.
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    The only publication of its kind, the Review looks at the most pressing issues of free expression in the past year, analyzes the results of major court cases and examines trends, breakthroughs and obstacles.