CJFE produces a number of publications, including our annual Review of Free Expression in Canada. Take a look through our archive of documents, and track the state of free expression in Canada and internationally over the years.



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Latest publications

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    Examining issues including privacy and anonymity on the Internet, cyber surveillance, whistleblowers, access to information, and collaborative journalism, CJFE's third annual Review of Free Expression in Canada provides an overview of issues facing Canadians from coast to coast.
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    This year's annual publication focuses on the state of press freedom in the Arab Spring, and recognizes the courageous work of journalists both in Canada and abroad, for their commitment to free expression and press freedom. Learn about the state of free expression, about journalists killed and imprisoned, and read about the courageous journalists who risk their lives to report their stories.
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    CJFE's second annual Review of Free Expression in Canada looks at the important free expression issues affecting Canadians. The report covers topics including Wikileaks, access to information, the G20 Summit violations, Hate speech and a special 30th Anniversary article about CJFE’s history. You can also read CJFE’s report card for the government including grades from A- to F-.