CJFE produces a number of publications, including our annual Review of Free Expression in Canada. Take a look through our archive of documents, and track the state of free expression in Canada and internationally over the years.



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Latest publications

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    Read about the state of free expression around the world, about journalists killed and imprisoned, corrupt judiciaries and repressive regimes. In this international review, we put faces to those statistics and introduce you to fearless reporters and their stories. Read it online, or download the International Press Freedom Review to your iPhone!
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    CJFE's annual Free Expression Report provides Canadians with a frank assessment of the health of free expression in Canada. The report will discuss the new legal defence for defamation, analyze why human rights commissions should not be trying to regulate offensive speech and CJFE will grade government departments from A to - unfortunately - F.
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    This annual publication by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression pays tribute to journalists who report the truth in the face of great danger. This year's focus is the culture of impunity surrounding journalists all over the world - with their killers getting away with murder.