Shakeman Mugari, Zimbabwe

Shakeman Mugari is a Zimbabwean journalist working for The Zimbabwe Independent, and also as a stringer for The Globe and Mail in Canada. He has been fearless in consistently exposing the corrupt government and the multitude of human right abuses plaguing his country. He has written candidly about the many governmentally instituted economic initiatives that have consistently failed to improve conditions for the 80% of Zimbabweans living below the poverty line. He has openly criticized officials for their abuses of power, directly confronting Indigenisation Minister Paul Mangwana in an interview on March 14, 2008. In a report published in The Washington Post on April 16, 2008, he exposed a military junta at work in Zimbabwe, cracking down on opposition parties in order to assist Robert Mugabe in maintaining control of the country. Mugari sees journalism as the way out of the problems faced by the Zimbabwe, and as his own personal contribution in the fight to free the country. He and his colleagues at The Independent have been working without compensation for the last two years Fearing for his safety, Mugari been forced to write stories for Institute for War and Peace Reporting on human rights politics under a pseudonym
International Press Freedom Award

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