Statement from the CJFE Board of Directors

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Last week, CJFE issued a statement condemning attacks on protesters and journalists by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).


This statement was published without being vetted by the Board of CJFE and went beyond the organization’s mandate. Several concerns were raised over this statement. The Board decided to remove the statement from the CJFE website and to review the matter. The Board met on April 10 to review this statement. We decided that the statement was overreaching. As a result of this event, the Board decided to amend its communications policy. All public statements will now require approval from a volunteer panel of Board members to ensure they are consistent with our mandate.


CJFE defends and promotes freedom of expression here and abroad. In relation to the events that took place on March 30, the Board condemns, in the strongest terms, any attacks on journalists or peaceful groups expressing their rights to free expression. We condemn the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)’s use of deadly force on journalists and protesters. We call on the government of Israel for a full, transparent, independent investigation into what happened on Friday March 30th, and into the death of photographer Yasser Murtaja and the wounding of six other journalists on April 6th. We also ask the Canadian government to echo this call.


This recent event at CJFE has made it clear that the Board needs to review its governance processes, but most importantly, it needs to focus its efforts on its core mandate and on securing adequate funding to carry on its work.


CJFE is a crucial organization for the protection of journalists and free expression rights of all people in Canada and abroad, and we will take the next few months to review, refocus, and ensure CJFE is an organization that continues long into the future.


Philip Tunley
CJFE President




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Tom Henheffer
Vice President
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
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